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7 Steps to Form your Pre- and Post-Retirement Game Plan

It's Never too Early to Start Planning for Retirement


Nor is it ever too late. That's good news for many of us. Whether retirement is five years away or 20, you can start preparing now. Below is a list of seven items you should consider when thinking about your financial future. 

  1. The Graying of America. We’re getting older. Our country’s population is aging, living longer and often retiring sooner than expected. What this means is the risk of outliving your retirement savings (and other assets) is at its greatest.
  2. Health Care – the Wild Card. Health care expenses are a leading concern, especially for those aged 45 and older. Even with Medicare, the average American may need substantial assets to cover health care costs during retirement.
  3. Social Security. Not even in its greatest day was Social Security intended to be one’s major source of retirement income, yet some two-thirds of retirees actually depend on it for half their income. The program’s health is questionable, meaning it may be time for you to take your own steps to meet the retirement income challenge.
  4. Taxes. While your mortgage is designed to end one day, taxes will always be with us and in many cases are the single greatest monthly expenses for most American families. In some cases, they can account for 30% of a monthly budget. Many indicators show this percentage will continue to increase.
  5. Where’s My Pension? Only some 20% of American companies now offer pension plans and it’s estimated that some 1,000 employers discontinue their pension plans each year. This means the responsibility for saving for retirement has never been more important.
  6. Inflation. Buy gasoline lately? How about stamps or groceries? Nearly nothing costs what it used to. Since 1965, inflation has averaged 4.6% annually. Someone earning $50,000 a year today will need more than twice that in 25 years to maintain the same lifestyle.
  7. Got Savings? Americans are generally severely “undersaved” and as a result, financially unprepared for retirement. Setting up an automatic savings and/or investment plan can help you bridge this gap.



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