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Staying in the Loop

Staying in the Loop

August 04, 2020
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We understand that ongoing nationwide lockdown measures have created additional and unforeseen financial stresses for many who, prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, may have been financially secure. It goes without saying that the passage of time – with so many people fired, furloughed, laid off, or excessed and so many locally-owned businesses fully or partially closed down – may potentially lead to more financial uncertainty.

Now is a critical time to review and update your financial plan. Make an appointment with us to discuss any recent changes or ongoing concerns regarding your cash flow, mortgage, tax issues, employment situation, or retirement plans. Also, since most people have been relatively isolated and communicating more closely with a smaller number of people, you may be more in-tune with a close friend or family member dealing with an unforeseen life shift, and we would be glad to offer a confidential no-commitment consultation.

Although most of us continue to work from home for everyone’s safety, we would like to explain the adjustments we have taken since the lockdowns to maintain our high standard of service to you.

We have been conducting most of our communications electronically through more frequent e-mail memos. As a reminder: We have been sending out timely updates of recent and ongoing legislative measures being taken at the state and federal levels to help support the economic and financial well-being of families, communities, and businesses. If you have not been receiving these e-mails, please let us know immediately by emailing Some topics – such as favorable changes to mortgage forbearance terms, the deadline on 2019 IRA contributions, the elimination of RMDs for 2020 or re-contributing RMDs taken since January 1st – are time sensitive, and we have been trying to maximize your ability to take advantage of these changes.

Client meetings are primarily conducted virtually through Zoom sessions. If you do not like Zoom or have issues with the technology, let us know. Moving forward, in-person meetings will be conducted on an as-needed basis in which face coverings will be worn, and please note that we are obligated to provide your contact information to contact tracers in the event of confirmed or suspected COVID-19 exposure.

We are flexible and will work out a plan to help you no matter your situation. Our written plan for handling client and workplace safety is in the waiting area and available upon request.

We are here and look forward to helping you navigate these uncertain times.